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Following the change of ownership in 2016, Penton UK are pleased to announce that they are introducing an extensive range of electronics covering Public Address / Voice Alarm (PA/VA) and Audio over IP products to complement their established range of PA/VA Loudspeakers. - Read more

PPM8 WJB Paging Consoles

PPM8 WJB is a uni-directional addressable condenser paging microphone compatible with the UAP G2 system. It uses RS485 protocol over a single CAT-5 cable connection to transport both audio and power. The PPM8 has 8 programable zone buttons with a sleek gooseneck microphone, providing both durability and aesthetics in a slim, stable chassis.

The PPM PSM is an 8 way, key pad extension that simply connects to the PPM8 WJB to increase the number of paging zones.

PPM8 WJB Paging Console

PPM8 WJB Paging Console

Key Technical Specs

Voltage: 18 - 26 VDC

Power consumption: 120 mA

Frequency response: -3 dB @ 200 Hz to 8 kHz

THD: < 1% @ 1 kHz

Output impedance: 100 Ω