Active Line Array Loudspeakers

Penton's DAC range of Active Line Array loudspeakers offers the very latest advances in Steerable Line Array Technology with digital triple lobe features giving the ultimate accuracy and flexibility for acoustical design.

With this, the DAC range has been used for challenging acoustic environments such as reverberant spaces where it is difficult to meet intelligibility requirements for either speech or music within Voice Alarm, Commercial, or, Pro-Sound installations.

With steerable lobe(s), remote control facilities via LAN or WAN networks, comprehensive DSP control and 20kHz input surveillance this gives the system designer a broad scope of tools to work with to enable flexibility and accurate coverage within the chosen environment. The DAC is provided with both mains & 24vDC supplies. With inclusion of the DC option this makes the range suitable for systems requiring battery back-up in the event of mains failure. The units are suitable for use on EN54 compliant systems.


  • DAC 100
  • DAC 300
  • DAC 500
DAC 100
DAC 300
DAC 500