PPM-IT5 Paging Consoles

The PPM-IT5 is an IP, POE paging console which enables paging and intercom communication with all of the TERRACOM devices. It can also be used with the UAP G2 DSP for use as a PA microphone and integration of the TERRACOM products. It features a 5", full colour, backlit TFT touch screen interface, designed to provide a simple and intuitive operation. Thanks to our powerful echo cancellation algorithm, the PPM-IT5 delivers clear sound for full duplex communication.

The PPM-IT5 is a versatile device which is ideal for commercial applications such as shopping centres, offices, stations etc.

The TERRA-IT5 is easily configured via its own web interface providing all the paging parameters needed for site operation, such as assigning zones to the various buttons, naming of zones, groups of zones, message triggering and event control. There are a total of 168 keys over 14 pages for zone and group control. Pre-recorded messages and chimes can also be stored on the PPM-IT5.

PPM-IT5 Paging Console

PPM-IT5 Paging Console

Key Technical Specs

Voltage: 18 - 26 VDC

Power consumption: 250 mA

Frequency response: -3 dB @ 200 Hz to 8 kHz

THD: < 1% @ 1 kHz

Output impedance: 100 Ω