Public Address / Voice Alarm (PA/VA) and Audio over IP products

Penton UK successfully added a range of ATEÏS and Terracom products to their existing portfolio. This new choice of Public Address / Voice Alarm (PA/VA) and Audio over IP products compliment their current range of PA/VA Loudspeakers and are available stocked and serviced from the UK.

Successful installation of products already includes the American Express Community Stadium, Kings Cross Railway Station, Silverstone Racetrack, ExCel London, London Zoo, London City Airport and The Royal Festival Hall with further projects now in hand.

The addition of these products allows Penton UK to offer a fully integrated service across PA/VA and Audio over IP. The flexibility of products will also give Penton clients a greater opportunity to obtain both product and systems from one source.

For more information please contact Penton UK on 01903 215315

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