New Delhi Metro

The Delhi Metro is a rapid transit system in the Indian city of New Delhi being built and operated by the DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation). The first line was opened on December 24th 2002 and the entire Phase I was completed in December 2005 on budget and almost three years ahead of schedule.

Phase I is 65.11 km long with 13.1km underground and 52.10km elevated or on the surface. Phase II is 128km long with 79 stations and was completed in 2011. Phase III and IV are planned to be completed by 2015 and 2020 respectively.

The Delhi Metro is a world-class metro. To ensure reliability and safety it is equipped with the most modern communication and train control systems. A unique feature is its integration with other modes of public transport, enabling commuters to conveniently interchange from one mode to another.

Penton were involved in the supply of our VA/PA loudspeakers through Thales Security Solutions and Services S.A. of Portugal, with whom we are also working on the Dubai Metro.

All loudspeakers supplied by Penton were compliant to Voice Alarm standard BS5839 part 8.

The RCS5/FTS, 6 watt 100 volt line ceiling speaker with its unique cable mounting arrangement, is easy to use and offers the installer a loop in loop out cabling facility. With this unique arrangement in place the installer does not require a junction box with its added cost of purchase and install. The speaker is very efficient, 95dB with 1 watt input unlike the norm of 87dB's thus reducing the amount of amplifiers required to power the system, and was used in ticket offices and sections of the stations with suspended ceilings.

The CELL10/TC 10 watt 100 volt line metal projector loudspeaker is stylish, efficient, reliable and easy to clean, very important in railway environment. This unit was also supplied with a loop in loop out facility for cabling and was used on all the platforms throughout the system.

The PH30/TC 30 watt 100 volt line weatherproof horn loudspeaker is robust and efficient. It was used in the railway sheds and in open areas.

Like all Penton loudspeakers they are manufactured to give the most efficient and cost affect way of supplying quality speech to all who use the railways.

New Delhi Metro station