Important News

Following the change of ownership in 2016, Penton UK are pleased to announce that they are introducing an extensive range of electronics covering Public Address / Voice Alarm (PA/VA) and Audio over IP products to complement their established range of PA/VA Loudspeakers. - Read more

Digital Noise Sensing Microphones

The NSM digital noise sensing microphone provides the ability to continually track and monitor the surrounding ambient noise levels even during an announcement. This information is then used to automatically adjust paging announcements to ensure that they are broadcast at a predefined level above the ambient noise. This ensures announcements can be clearly understood over and above the environmental noise at any point in time. They are ideal for use in areas were the ambient noise levels are continually changing such as shopping malls, sporting venues, rail and bus stations etc. and its important to track the ambient noise levels to ensure clear and intelligible announcements.



Key Characteristics

  • Omnidirectional sound recording
  • 0 dB modulation
  • Automatic gain control feature