Important News

Following the change of ownership in 2016, Penton UK are pleased to announce that they are introducing an extensive range of electronics covering Public Address / Voice Alarm (PA/VA) and Audio over IP products to complement their established range of PA/VA Loudspeakers. - Read more

EN54 Certification

This is the European quality standard that covers both Voice Alarm systems and Loudspeakers used for Voice Alarm and Emergency purposes. It is a legal requirement to have the relevant EN54 Certification both in the UK and Europe. EN54 Certification for Voice Alarm systems and Loudspeakers have to be 3rd party certified by an accredited body to ISO 7240.16 & 24. EN54 certification cannot be self certifying and our designated testing authority is Intertek who are an internationally recognised test house.

BS EN 54-16:2008

Fire detection and fire alarm systems. Voice alarm control and indicating equipment.

Covers the Voice alarm control equipment.

BS EN 54-24:2008

Fire detection and fire alarm systems. Components of voice alarm systems. Loudspeakers

Covers loudspeakers for use in Voice alarm and Emergency systems.