Audio over IP Overview

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TERRA-DS APH30-IP IP Horn PPM-IT5 paging consoles TERRA-IEX TERRA-EX Audio Amplifier Speakers TERRA-FXO TERRA-IO RAC Volume Control & Source Selector Speakers TERRA-AMP Terra-K Terra Manager IP Speakers Terra Server RCS5-IP Network Ceiling Speaker TERRA-SAP

TERRACOM is our audio over IP product range designed to transmit live and pre-recorded audio. All devices use SIP technology making them compatible with IP PBX and soft phones in addition to traditional analogue audio systems. Additionally, the modules also incorporate shoutcast/icecast protocols enabling unicast, multicast or broadcast functionality.

Many AOIP or VOIP systems operate on bespoke protocols specific to the manufacturer, however our TERRACOM range operates on the IP (internet protocol) platform, allowing it to work on top of different data link interfaces including Ethernet and Wi-Fi. This enables us to make use of existing networks and communicate over the internet.

What to use it for?

Paging | Intercom | Music Streaming | Audio Routing | Messaging | Logic Control | Bell Scheduling | Monitoring

Why IP?

Simple installation | Easily configured | Offsite access and control | Maximum 9999 endpoints per system | Layer 3 communication | Easily extendable | Powered via POE and/or external power supply

Example Features

Full duplex | Input/output control | Internal memory | Integrated scheduler | Event management | Volume control | Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) | Noise reduction

Installation Benefits

By designing intelligent TERRACOM audio solutions around IP technology we can integrate our systems seamlessly on to any existing network. This has the advantage of: