PSS-AS EN54-16 Microphones

The PSS paging console is available in several options for the IDA8 & DIVA controllers. It is fitted with a 5" TFT touch screen interface, which allows call-paging, message broadcast and DSP matrix parameter control over a secure (monitored) bus. The backlit full-colour touch screen is designed for simple, user-friendly operation and offers a total of 168 software keys across 14 pages for zone or group zone selection. Each key contains a colour-changing field indicating that the zone is occupied by a different process.

There are three versions of the PSS paging console with identical hardware and functionality but different firmware for compatibility with our different systems.

The PSS paging consoles are EN54-16 certified for use on Public Address and Voice Alarm systems and compliant to UL60065, ISO 7240-16, BS EN 50849,BS6259 & BS5839 Parts 8 & 9.

PSS Paging Console

PSS Paging Console

Key Technical Specs

Voltage: 18 - 26 VDC

Power consumption: 250 mA

Frequency response: -3 dB @ 200 Hz to 8 kHz

THD: < 1% @ 1 kHz

Output impedance: 100 Ω