TERRA-SAP Mini Audio DSP Processor

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The Terra-SAP is an audio over IP processor from the TERRACOM range of products. Full DSP functionality used to integrate all your local audio sources without the need for additional sets of speakers for intercom. Additionally, utilise the emergency alert button to initiate lockdown of your designated room including message trigger and door locking via the relay output.

Acting as the central audio hub for your designated room, you can connect multiple audio devices such as wireless microphones (e.g. Bluetooth, IR, RF), PC audio, Display or Projector audio as well as connections for door access and as a hands-free intercom.

Utilise our specialised ceiling-mounted boundary microphones (BCM201W/BCM201B) for in-room sound reinforcement complete with automatic echo cancellation (AEC).



Main Features

  • Control, monitor, program and manage via web browser
  • Paging, audio streaming, messaging, bell scheduling, AEC hands-free intercom, lockdown and evacuation
  • STP CAT5/6 connection for audio and control
  • 20W x 2 Class-D amplification plus line level audio output
  • 2 XLR microphone inputs with master volume control and bass/tremble sound level adjustment
  • Phantom power/voice activated (VOX) on the 2 XLR microphone inputs and 3 balanced mic inputs
  • USB 2.0 interface for music and/or message storage or used as a record output to USB storage device
  • Mini-USB input for connection to PC for use as web conferencing with built-in AEC