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An IP, POE audio decoder which can be used for voice, paging, intercom, music streaming, audio routing, pre-recorded and scheduled announcements, VoIP communication or as a SIP device. Utilise this module by receiving digitised audio from a network and provide an analogue output with I/O or optional RS232 control.

Integrated shoutcast/icecast decoding, scheduler and internal storage are just some of the features of this IP decoder. Optional USB interface is available.

To configure, control and monitor the TERRA-IEX in real-time, this is simply achieved through your favourite web browser making the management of even the most complex environments a simple and straight forward process.

TERRA-EX:1 x stereo or 2 x mono outputs, 3 x contact inputs, 1 x contact output
TERRA-EX2:TERRA-EX plus RS232 x 1
TERRA-EXU2:TERRA- EX plus RS232 x 1, USB2.0 x 1



Key Characteristics

  • 3 contact inputs and 1 contact output
  • 2 balanced line outputs (1 stereo or 2 mono)
  • 1 stereo line output (3.5 mm mini-jack) for headphone
  • Audio output: maximum level +5 dB, bandwidth 20 Hz ˜ 20 kHz
  • Single CAT5/6 cable connectivity for audio and control
  • PoE or 24 VDC power supply (if PoE is not available)
  • Support G.711, G.722, G.726, G.727, G.729, MP3 audio codec and AAC+ (decoding only)
  • Optional Extras: RS232 or USB interface for additional storage