NET-CX Network Cards

ATEÏS Net™ is a secured (monitored) audio network, developed and supplied for fast and low latency audio and data transport over a redundant copper (CAT-5) or fibre-optic network ring. ATEÏS Net™ has an open-architecture design and interfaces with remote devices such as paging consoles, audio break-in and break-out convertors and room controllers, providing the best solution for medium to large-scale installations, such as shopping malls, retail stores, train stations and Airports.

ATEÏS Net™ secured audio network is EN54-16 certified for use on Public Address and Voice Alarm systems and compliant to UL60065, ISO 7240-16, BS EN 50849, BS6259 & BS5839 Parts 8 & 9, with specific attributes for compliance in large installations.

NET-CX Network Cards

NET-CX Network Cards

Key Technical Specs

Voltage: Internal multi-power socket

Power consumption: 5 W

Frequency response: 20 Hz ˜ 22 kHz

Sampling rate: 32 bit / 48 kHz

Latency: < 0.08 ms per node

Integrity assurance: Watchdog