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TERRACOM is our audio over IP product range designed to transmit live and pre-recorded audio such as paging, stored messaging, background music, 2-way intercommunications, input/output control and audio monitoring over TCP/IP. The range supports PoE (Power over Ethernet). All TERRACOM devices use SIP technology making them compatible with IP PBX and soft phones in addition to traditional analogue systems. For applications such as in-store music, audio streaming using RTP protocol in unicast, multicast or broadcast for is made possible as the TERRACOM devices also incorporate shoutcast/icecast protocols.

Audio Over IP Solution

The TERRACOM range has many powerful features include priority, backup & event management, built-in scheduler, volume control, acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction, paging, intercom, music streaming, routing, logic control & monitoring. This makes it the ideal audio over IP terminal solution for many types of applications.

Why IP?

Audio systems are making more use of networks to simplify integration, increase functionality and reduce cable infrastructure. Many of these systems operate on bespoke protocols specific to the manufacturer but the TERRACOM range operates on the IP (internet protocol) platform, allowing it to work on top of different data link interfaces including Ethernet and Wi-Fi. This enables us to make use of existing networks and communicate over the internet. We can communicate with installations anywhere in the world that have an internet connection. We can now deliver a fully integrated system that has no boundaries and is only limited by your imagination.

Where to use it?

For projects such Retail, Airports, Rail, Hotels, Museums, Theme parks, Hospitals and schools, to more bespoke and specialised applications. IP networks exist nearly everywhere and therefore IP offers a ready made platform to offer a high level of integration and flexibility.


We have become so reliant on computer networks to run and manage our businesses that most buildings now incorporate a network infrastructure to manage day to day operations. By designing intelligent TERRACOM audio solutions around IP technology we can integrate our systems seamlessly on to any existing network. This has the advantage of:

With network connectivity we can operate within a secure network or reach out over the internet to remote sites anywhere in the world.