The Burj Al Arab

To be the most exceptional, to be regarded as the ultimate and to provide the definitive hotel experience - these goals form the foundation of Burj Al Arab. A spectacular environment, enhanced by a style of service which is discreet, intelligent and attentive, is what makes Burj Al Arab the world's most luxurious hotel.

Rising from the Arabian Gulf on an island 280 metres from the shores of the renowned Jumeirah beach and the enchanting city of Dubai, stands the iconic Burj Al Arab, a masterpiece of contemporary architecture and the most opulent hotel in the world.

Designed to resemble the graceful sails of an Arabian dhow, Burj Al Arab soars to a height of 321 meters and is less than 20 kilometers south of Dubai city, dominating Dubai's coastline.

The interior design of Burj Al Arab is evocative of a contemporary Arabian fantasy. The magnificent lobby is sumptuously carpeted in a rich combination of vibrant colours and lavish materials. Chairs and sofas, upholstered in flame-reds and yellows, continue the theme.

The mezzanine fountain, a kaleidoscope of colour and patterns, is programmed to shoot a water column up to 32 metres in the air, drawing the eye up the gold columns to the triangular blue ceiling 180 metres away.

Slowly it becomes apparent just how spacious the interior is. This feeling is heightened by the impressive view of the Arabian Gulf afforded by the hotels huge panoramic windows.

The Burj Al Arab hotel