Titanic Belfast

A century after the world's most famous shipping disaster, a new iconic structure has risen to commemorate its namesake.

It's striking design, rising from the banks of the river, was sculpted echoing the Whitestar Line's four point logo. The glass centre invokes the fatal iceberg and the tallest of the four points is also built to the same height as the prow of the Titanic. Titanic Belfast® is located 100 yards in front of where Titanic's hull was launched; to its right is the drawing office where she was designed and to the left is the River Lagan where she first set sail. This is not just a museum and conference centre, it also contains a full banqueting suite for up to 1,000 seats as well as a nine gallery visitor centre exhibition. Inside this iconic building, visitors will re-live the entire Titanic story from her birth in Belfast to the fateful maiden voyage and her eventual discovery on the seabed.

Penton were chosen by our Northern Ireland distributor and Belfast based, Jim Hooks of D.J. Kilpatrick & Co Ltd, to supply the loudspeakers for the PA/VA. D J Kilpatrick's also contributed to the loudspeaker layouts and did the commissioning of the system for G4S Fire and Security who were instrumental in the installation of the voice evacuation system throughout this project.

This installation is an eight zone centralized voice evacuation system providing phased evacuation of all areas of the attraction. Inputs to the system include background music, localized paging and multi-zone microphones and all call fire microphones, supplied by others. The system employs DC line monitoring, and we fitted capacitors to all loudspeakers supplied to accommodate this.

Loudspeakers chosen for this project included:

RCS5/FTS 6 watt ceiling loudspeaker for flush mounting into suspended ceilings (or with voids). Ideal for clear voice pronunciation and very efficient, 93 dB I metre, I watt. The fire dome on this unit is unique and patented with its removable cable management plate for loop – loop out cabling.

CAD10/TC 10 watt weatherproof projector loudspeaker, with its lockable hip bracket, were used to direct sound to specific areas. It comes in any colour and for the Titanic we supplied black for the dark ride which takes visitors through the construction of the Titanic and white for the galley, first class cabin areas and car parks.

JD40/TC white 40 watt music cabinet loudspeaker with its swivel bracket used in The Titanic Suite, this banqueting space is designed to replicate the ballroom from the famous liner. The speakers blend in and look first class in a first class environment. In other parts of the gallery they can be seen in amongst the exhibits but are not too conspicuous.

SENTRY6/STC 6 watt vandal proof, metal cabinet loudspeakers sit nicely in entrances to the galleries and refreshment areas, as shown. In this instance the SENTRY6/STC has been mounted on a solid section of the ceiling.

Titanic Belfast